Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 Dancing Cauldron Mugs and Bowls 
from Big Sky Artworks

Let's talk cauldrons.
Dancing Cauldron Bowl with Black Cat

Ok, not the huge, heavy iron kind of cauldron that hangs over hearths. These are Dancing Cauldrons - a special design from Big Sky Clay.
I started making these cauldrons in response to a special request from a customer who wanted a cauldron mug. The dancing, at first, was quite incidental - the "feet" moved a bit during firing, giving the impression that the little critters wanted to kick up their heels.

Since then, I have made dozens of dancing cauldrons, large, small and in between. Every one of them has a different personality.

This year, besides making Dancing Cauldron mugs and teacups, I added Dancing Cauldron Bowls to my shop. The largest one is a covered cauldron with a flat lid - and a cat arching its back on the top as a handle.

A stout little Dancing Cauldron
In order to make the cauldrons, I first throw a lump of clay on my kick wheel. After I create a rounded bowl-shaped mug, I move it to a shelf to allow it to dry for a time. When it reaches the leather hard stage (when the clay can be handled, but still retains some moisture), I flip it over on the wheel and trim the bottom into a round-bottom cauldron shape. After that, I add little legs and feet, lugs on the cauldron, and a graceful curved handle. No two are alike - so I like to think there is a dancing cauldron for everyone.

Happy Harvest!
:) Kate

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